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Workshops & Keynotes

Get inspired and learn concrete ways to unlock potential

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Unlock the power of AI

Start your path to AI-driven innovation and efficiency in your business.  In a half-day workshop we bring you and your team up to speed on what Generative AI can do for your business and develop concrete use cases.

We provide hands-on learning: Your team will dive into pragmatic AI applications and identify strategic implications for your function or company as a whole. 

The results: An inspired and energized team, new skills and insights, strategies for cost savings, an immediate roadmap with a clear, prioritized AI implementation plan and concrete next steps.

The content is tailored to different functions; CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, CHROs, CTOs, CPOs, CMOs and their teams; and can act as a one-off session or start of a joint discovery and implementation journey to unlock hidden potential in our organisation and do more of what you love.

Future of customer engagement and Loyalty

Embark on a transformative journey and be at the forefront of Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, and immersive technologies.


This keynote offers a deep dive into these emerging trends, turning them into strategic opportunities for your business.


Ever since the 2021 NFT boom, we mastered the intricacies of blockchain and NFTs through active participation and project development. We moved beyond gimmicky marketing to reveal the true potential of these technologies.


This keynote is an inspiring wake-up call, showcasing concrete use cases in Web3 that can drive growth and reduce costs. Our collaborations with DJs, artists from the Web3 community, and advertising disruptors keep us constantly on the edge of development, bringing a wealth of diverse insights.

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Management Innovation for performance
'Bureaucracy Busters'

Companies must unlock their hidden potential and become more flexible, faster, and more profitable. Better at managing costs and spotting opportunities, equipped for the VUCA era (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). 


How can this be achieved? By becoming a more self-regulating organization, transforming leadership principles and core management processes, such as goal-setting, forecasting, budgeting. Innovating these processes has become the primary competitive advantage.


However, awareness of the issue with outdated management practices, and of the existence of better alternatives, is still too low.

Now it’s the time for bureaucracy busting, for Supervisory Boards, along with well-informed CFOs and CHROs, to work with their CEOs on real change.

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