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What's next
for your business?

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As leader you grow your business to the next level. Combined use of technology, data, and human drive is key. Tech & Touch. 


We deliver both. You get fast impact, high-quality outcomes and an energized team. 


We are no-nonsense strategy consultants with a strong eye for the human factors in business. We deliver strategy and execution for disruptive tech, data-driven performance improvement and transformation..


Hungry for impact

Result is the catalyst for change. It releases positive energy and accelerates execution willingness across the entire organization.


We go for early impact and adjust in flight to get it with you.

Radically humanized decision making

Consumers, customers, as well as business leaders and employees are driven by beliefs, desires.


We combine hard-core problem solving with an eye for emotion for better decision-making, and execution.


We don’t pretend to know it all.


We believe in the power of working side-by-side with clients, in complementing and trusting each other’s skills and expertise.

& execution for disruptive tech

A new digital disruption wave has started.

New technologies including web3, NFTs,  Metaverse, and DAOs evolve at high speed. The communities, the crowd-based decentral set-ups they enable, have the power to radically disrupt the way companies operate and interact.


​We inspire and guide you with real business cases to help you develop your web3, NFT, or metaverse strategy, innovate and execute new concepts.

We help you navigate the landscape of suppliers and talent and together with our specialised tech partners we create your new web3 department. 

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Measuring is knowing, unless you don’t use the data you have available. 

Even though analytics solutions are there for some time now, many companies struggle to integrate this into a data-driven way of working. 

We help you develop a roadmap towards becoming data-driven combining our knowledge of data-driven use cases with our human-centered transformation experience.


A new generation and business environment demand a different organisation & culture. Goodbye 20th century hierarchies, hello decentral collectives. Where people are driven by a sense of contribution and belonging, autonomy and growth. Where trust and transparency rule, and digital and AI elevate work. 

Digital transformations however, often forget to invite employees on the journey, slowing down the adoption.

Our approach measures the employee's status on the change journey and enables personalised messaging and nudging. We give managers the tools to guide teams through the journey and where necessary combine that with individual growth or coaching plans.


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Vera Schut

With 15+ years of experience in strategy & execution, analytics and corporate finance, Vera balances sharp observations with a pragmatic approach focused on impact.


Structured problem solver and a versatile, people-oriented go-getter. Her style allows client teams to embrace new thinking and get into action mode, becoming more effective as individuals and in teams.

Vera is a Web3 enthusiast and speaks at events on topics as NFTs, Metaverse and business.

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Vera Schut

Bas Kemme

20+ years of experience as a top-tier strategy & innovation consultant and start-up Founder. 


Helps organizations serve customers better and be a great place to work through better application of human and artificial intelligence. 


Applies leading thinking on strategy, innovation, leadership, and organization psychology. Purpose-driven, people- and impact- focused, learning-oriented, low-ego and high-energy. 

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  • Trust, transparency, candor

  • Grow together

  • Respect time

  • Find the essential

  • Emotions are hard facts too

  • Your mind needs flow, your body exercise

  • Think different

  • No humour no business

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